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Juvenile Law

Ms. Hicks fully understands that when your relationship breaks down or there is a change in dynamics in your family, you need an attorney who is truly dedicated to improving your child's life and well-being. Ms. Hicks is an experienced litigator and mediator who pays attention to every aspect of a case, from defending your rights in court to diffusing hostile living situations, Ms. Hicks makes sure that you and your child will have a better life. Nothing is more important to her than your family's safety and well-being and she is prepared to fight for you.
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mother daughter


Adoption can be a wonderful gift to both a child in need and to a family wishing to grow in numbers. However, the adoption process can be complicated, challenging, and often overwhelming. Dedicated to helping all those in the pursuit of happiness, Ms. Hicks is proud to provide first-rate legal assistance to clients seeking to complete adoption proceedings but who may be facing legal hurdles. There are many reasons why an adoption might take longer than expected. For instance, someone may contest your application to adopt a child or you may want to adopt a child that isn't from the US. For this reason, we welcome you to contact Ms. Hicks, an experienced Attorney at Law, and she will be happy to help you bring your family back together again.
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divorce law1


If you and your partner have decided to get divorced, then it is time to seek the appropriate legal representation. With over 25 years' experience as a lawyer in Ohio, Ms. Hicks is the perfect choice for all of those looking for an attorney that will protect client rights and interests. Whether you are just beginning the divorce proceedings, or you are already in the middle of a case and would like to seek different legal representation, she will be more than happy to arrange an initial consultation so that you and Ms. Hicks can sit down and discuss the best way to proceed and how to win your case.
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If you have a personal family matter such as a divorce, deciding on who gets the custody of your child, companionship, guardianship, or something of the kind, and you would like to attempt to resolve the issue outside of the court, then collaborative mediation is just the thing for you. In legal mediation, all parties involved will sit down to discuss the matter calmly with a view to finding a solution that is agreeable to everyone. Each party has their own legal representative, in your case, Ms. Hicks, who guides their client through the legalities of the issue and makes sure that their client's needs and interests are protected.
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Family Mediation

Ms. Hicks has the training and experience necessary to facilitate healthy mediations in a positive way, so the best outcome is reached for all parties involved. She is committed to providing her clients with personal attention and a reliable service that can have hugely positive effects on the lives involved. Where children are involved, we know that it is best that the matter be resolved as quickly and respectfully as possible. So get in touch with her today and she will help you arrange some productive mediation to get your life back on track and resolve your family problems.
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Single Practice Area

Family Law

Obviously, the hope is always that any matter can be resolved amicably, without the need for dispute. That said, sometimes a collaborative solution cannot be found when one or more parties involved are not willing to discuss the issue calmly around a table. In these kinds of situations, whether they be divorce proceedings or otherwise, our lead attorney Ms. Hicks will be more than happy to provide you with assertive representation in order to protect your rights in court. You need someone that stands up for your interests, and Ms. Hicks is that person.
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